Exceptional Yields. Delivered.

Our machines optimize yields, improve quality and reduce labor
cost while maintaining low cost of ownership.


Because chicken
appreciates a clean cut

Foodmate Cut-Up Systems provide optimum
cuts and exceptional presentation


We make it SIMPLE.
You make it PROFITABLE


Exceptional Yields.
No Bones About It.

Foodmate Dark Meat Deboning Solutions provide
exceptionally high yields at low cost of ownership


Simplicity & Efficiency.
You won’t have a bone to pick.

We make it simple. You make it profitable.


OPTI Thigh Deboner

The OPTI Thigh Deboner delivers high results with low cost of
ownership, making it a smart solution to boost your dark meat
yield and bottom line.


Cut-up Systems

Compact Cut-up System

Foodmate Compact Cut-Up System is characterized by its self-contained design, available in different configurations to meet variable product mixes, and delivered pre-wired with a control panel mounted to the machine.

Food Service Cut-up System

Food Service Cut-Up Systems are typically designed to meet all eight and nine piece cutting requirements set by various fast food chains, such as KFC, Pop Eyes, Churches Chicken, BoJangles, among others.

Flex Cut-up System

Foodmate’s Flex Cut-up System is one of the market’s most advanced cut-up systems, offering excellent efficiency and flexibility. Modules can be customized according to your plants’ requirements.

Deboning Systems

Dark Meat Deboning

In the past, whole leg, thigh and drumstick deboning was a labor intensive and inefficient process. It required a lot of skilled labor and available automation solutions were slow, capital intensive and delivered low yields. This now has changed!

Breast Cap Deboning

Our Breast Cap Deboning solutions provide maximum performance and flexibility, while requiring minimum floor space, as well as minimum maintenance and operating costs. Solutions range from semi-automatic to fully automated chicken deboning machines.

Turkey Deboning

Our Turkey Deboner is designed to debone turkey thighs, drumsticks and primary wing segments at a rate of up to 45 per minute.

Foodmate US offers a complete line of poultry processing equipment.

Foodmate brings innovative technology and cost-effective solutions to poultry processing automation.

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