As Demand Grows, Efficiency Must Also Grow

The demand for poultry just keeps on growing

In the United States, we are hungry for meat. While meat used to be a small part of our meals, it has now become the main course. This trend has been seen in the United States for years, but it is starting to occur in other countries, such as China, as well. Because the demand for poultry has been rising, poultry processing companies need to become more efficient so that they can meet that demand. If you’ve been looking to increase your efficiency in order to keep up with the rising demand for poultry, you’ve come to the right place.

At Foodmate, we can help you become more efficient!

When you want to become more efficient, there’s no better company to turn to than Foodmate. Whether you are looking for a chicken deboning solution or an effective cut-up system, we’ve got the perfect options for you. Our poultry processing equipment was designed for productivity and efficiency, but we don’t stop there. In addition to providing you with the right equipment, we can also train your staff on how to get the most out of it. Foodmate has put in place an intensive 1 or 2 day training program through our Foodmate Academy.

The demand for meat has been growing all around the world, and it is expected to keep on growing. Ensure that you are ready to meet that demand by relying on the equipment and training from Foodmate. Visit us online to find the right equipment for you, and contact us today about our training program, Foodmate Academy! Stay tuned for our next post which will bring you more details on our training program.

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