What to Look for in Your Grade A Chicken Cuts

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In the United States, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) dictates and manages all the quality standards for meat, including poultry. Of course you already know this, because if you’re reading this you’re probably already in the chicken or turkey processing industries. That’s great! You’ve come to the right place.

For those of you who are experienced in chicken processing, you can probably rattle off exactly what makes a Grade A chicken cut. For those of you who are just starting your business, it might be worth the refresher on how the USDA evaluates processed poultry.

Poultry is graded on two factors: wholesomeness and quality. These are handled by two separate departments in the USDA. Where wholesomeness is a mandatory evaluation for all meat, quality is not. Quality is a voluntary grading and is paid for by poultry processors and producers in order to distinguish their products from one another.

Grade A poultry meat is the highest rating that poultry can receive. It’s what you will typically find in grocery stores or other places where you will see whole pieces. Grades B and C typically go on for further processing where the meat is ground or chopped up. Grade A cuts are cuts that are virtually free of bruising, cuts, defects, and feathers. They also cannot have broken bones if they are bone-in cuts.

If you are a chicken processor, you want to be able to provide Grade A chicken cuts to your customers. The way to do this is to process your product on the best chicken processing equipment in the industry with Foodmate US. Contact us for information about our entire line of poultry processing equipment that is truly the best in the industry! We also invite you to check our Cut-up Modules Page where you can locate the right machine for the cut you need!

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