Factors that Affect Poultry Meat Grade

In a previous blog, we discussed exactly what to look for in a Grade A chicken-cut certification. Your poultry processing equipment plays a large role in how the final poultry product for sale looks and what grade the chicken cut receives. Having poultry processing equipment that do not damage the product and can create clean cuts quickly can help lead to a higher grade rating and therefore a high final selling price.

Poultry that receives a lower grade, such as Grades B and C, goes on to be used in products where the it can be cut-up, chopped, or ground. These products are sold for a lower cost than Grade A poultry cuts.

As a poultry processor, you want to get the best prices for the product that you produce. Being able to rely on the production of Grade A poultry cuts can increase the profit your company can bring in for every load of birds that come through your facility. Consider these different factors that affect the grade a processed bird receives.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspect all facilities and provide health ratings. The health rating is separate from what inspectors look for when they grade meat. Processing companies pay for independent inspections that look at a variety of factors.

Factors Based on How the Poultry was Raised

Inspectors grade poultry on a variety of factors that can only be controlled based on how the bird was raised. The elements an inspector looks for include, is the meat tender? Is the meat juicy? Is the flavor of the meat correct? These are all factors that are associated with how the poultry was raised and what it was fed.

Factors Based on How the Poultry was Processed

Other factors are considered when deciding what rating to give a specific cut of poultry. Inspectors also look at factors that can be based on how the poultry is processed. Having the best poultry processing equipment can help make sure that a poultry cut remains in a “normal” shape, is fully fleshed where the cut is supposed to be, is meaty, and is free of any visible defects.

At Foodmate US, we strive to provide you with the very best equipment for processing any cut because we know that your equipment can make all the difference in the quality product that you produce. You want your product to be the best on the market, we understand that perfectly, as so do we! Your success is our goal!

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