How Your Product Looks Matters

When you’re looking for the best in poultry equipment suppliers, it’s important to consider many different variables that affect your final product. From the cut-up quality to specific weight requirements, these affect meat processing and the ability to find clients that will purchase your processed chicken or turkey.

What’s one of the first things that any procurer or consumer considers when they purchase processed poultry? They’re going to consider how the chicken looks before making a purchase. Of course, FDA regulations are a factor in the quality of chicken that can be released to the public; the better your chicken, the higher a price you can get on your product.

Eating is an experience that involves all five senses. How food looks makes a big difference in how appealing customers will find it. Foodmate supplies the best in poultry processing equipment. This means that if you’re looking at a cut-up system, we  can help you provide the highest quality cuts as your final product. You won’t be disappointed by your poultry cuts falling into Grade B or lower due to the equipment. With our equipment, you can have clean, appealing, Grade A cuts each and every time.

Additionally, the weights of your poultry cuts can affect the final product you’re able to produce. Utilizing Foodmate as your poultry equipment supplier can help you accurately weigh and group each batch of chickens exceptionally fast. How fast you may ask? Our weighing transfer system functions at 12,000 bph, and is accurate within 10 grams in either direction.

When you’re looking to provide the best product to your procurers and consumers, look to Foodmate for the best poultry processing equipment in the industry!

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