What Else Has Changed the Chicken Throughout the Years?

In the previous blog, we discussed how genetics and selective breeding have led to the drastic increase of chicken sizes over the last 50 years. From two pound birds to now over nine, chickens are bigger and producing more meat that has to be sent for poultry processing than ever before. With a growing population and a high demand for white meat, chicken is more popular than ever. It’s no wonder that farmers and scientists used breeding and the following means in order to increase the size of the chicken, and the overall weight of the final processed poultry.


Historically, chickens were foragers that would eat a variety of seeds and insects. Through intensive study, animal nutrition has drastically changed. When it comes to the chicken, scientists have found the best ways in order for chickens raised for meat to gain weight and get the nutrients that are vital to keep them healthy.

Veterinary Care

Medical care for humans changes just about everyday. It’s no surprise that increases in veterinary care for chickens has also improved over the last 50 years. The chickens are less susceptible to outbreaks with proper veterinary care and regulation. This allows them to stay healthy and grow quickly for processing.

Advancements in Production Facilities

If you pot a plant in too small of a pot, it will not grow to its full size. The same can be said for chickens. If there is overcrowding in production facilities, even though the genetics dictate that the chickens should get large, their growth may be stunted. Production facilities have worked to create an optimal production environment that provides the best return on investment for their product.

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