Because chicken appreciates a clean cut

Foodmate continues to be committed to its lasting goal to provide poultry processing equipment and cut-up solutions to their customers’ specific needs. Solutions range from a self-contained frame type cutter machines to sophisticated computer and vision camera controlled flexible cut-up systems that can deliver product to any desired location inside your cut-up area. The company provides solutions to meet the widest range of products’ specifications and cutting requirements, meeting the highest standards set by retailers, fast food companies and institutional organizations from around the world.

OPTI Flow Cut-Up System

The Foodmate OPTI Flow Cut-up System is one of the market’s most advanced chicken cut-up systems, offering excellent efficiency and flexibility. The system combines the advantages of the optimal solution for whole bird distribution based on grade and weight, as well the optimal logistic solution to deliver parts to any desired location in the cut up area. Modules can be customized according to your plants’ requirements.   The OPTI Flow System can distribute birds by weight and/or grade to all the necessary WOG (without giblets) drops or cutting modules; as it pairs with Foodmate | ChickSort WEIGHING TRANSFER MACHINE and InVISION CAMERA GRADING SYSTEM.

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Compact Cut-Up System

The Foodmate Compact Cut-Up System is characterized by its self-contained design and is delivered pre-wired with a control panel that is already mounted to the machine. This chicken processing machine is very easy to install and only requires one main power connection. Systems are available in different configurations to meet variable product mixes. Some systems are as simple as just dropping front halves and cutting leg quarters, while other lines may include options, such as weighing and whole bird distribution. Line speeds can vary from 80 birds per minute on 12” centers to 140 birds per minute on 8” centers.

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Food Service Cut-Up System

Food Service Cut-Up Systems are typically designed to meet all eight and nine piece cutting requirements set by various fast food chains, such as KFC, Popeyes, Church’s Chicken and Bojangles’. But these poultry processing machines are also often designed and customized to meet other food service cut-up requirements from different countries around the world, such in Korea and Thailand. Foodmate has also supplied lines to make four and six piece bone-in breast cuts, which are used for school lunch programs in the US.

All Foodmate Food Service Cut-Up Systems are supplied with self-correcting magnetic cut-up shackles to help prevent the shackles from misfeeding when entering the cutup modules. The unique turning point and side plate configuration makes the machine easy to clean and flexible for future line modifications. The stand-alone machine requires minimum installation time because all of the single point connections are integrated into the machine.

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Drumette | Wing Cutter Super Cut

Wing Cutter Super Cut

Whole Leg | OPTI LTD

Leg & Drumstick | FM 6.50 Thigh & Drumstick Deboner 50/PM

Boneless Turkey Thigh Meat | FM 8.50 Turkey Thigh Deboner

Tail | Tail Cutter

Wing Stretcher

Neck | Neck Cutter

Wing Cutter Super Cut

Flapper Mid Wing Cutter

Wing Tip | Super Wingtip Cutter

Brast Cap | Front Piece Cutter

Breast Processor

Lengthwise Poultry Halving Machine

Poultry Front Half Cross Cut Halving Machine

Leg Quarter | Saddle Cutter 1

Leg Quarter + Strip | Saddle Cutter 2

Anatomic Leg | OPTI XL Leg Processor

Thigh & Drumstick | Thigh Drumstick Cutter

Flexible Unloader

AFS Wing Cutter

Whole Bird | Fat Puller/Pre-Cutter

Food Service Halving Machine

Butterfly and Single Fillet | Semi Automatic Breast Cap Deboner

Butterfly and Single Fillet | FM 7.50 Automatic Breast Cap Deboner

Single Fillet | MAXIMA Breast Cap Deboning 2.0

MAXIMA Breast Cap Deboning

FM 7.50 Automatic Breast Cap Deboner

Semi Automatic Breast Cap Deboner

FM 6.50 Thigh & Drumstick Deboner

Food Service Halving Machine

Fat Puller/Pre-Cutter

AFS Wing Cutter

Flexible Unloader

Thigh Drumstick Cutter

OPTI Leg Processor

Saddle Cutter 2

Saddle Cutter 1

FH Cross-Cut Halving Machine

Lengthwise Halving Machine

Breast Processor

Breast Cap Cutter with Bypass

Mid Wing Cutter

Wing Tip Cutter

Wing Stretcher

DS 100 Chicken Deskinner

Tail Cutter – Foodmate US, Inc.

Tail Cutter

OPTI LTD Dark Meat Deboning System

Dark Meat Deboning

FM 8.50 Turkey Thigh Deboner

Dark Meat Deboning

OPTI Thigh Deboner