International Poultry Expo MARKETPLACE 2021

Foodmate at
IPPE Marketplace 2021

Typically, this time of the year, we are busy at IPPE offering you an exciting experience, with live demos to show our latest developments… Well, this year, the in-person connection is not possible, but we prepared some content to share, so you know what we have been up to this year!

International Poultry Expo MARKETPLACE 2021

Let's still connect this year!

You will see below videos of our flagship machines, the Max, the OPTiX, and the ULTiMATE, all bestsellers in White and Dark Meat Deboning.
You will also see a special edition of our InsideTrack, focusing on the North American market in 2020. Along with highlighting some of the high points for Foodmate this past year and what is to come in 2021; this new special edition of our InsideTrack also celebrates Ten years of Innovation! Last year, Foodmate US celebrated our 10th anniversary. This milestone reflects all the vision, hard work and dedication of our employees and especially customers like you. Thank you!

Hello and Happy New Year!

Join us in celebrating the New Year and the IPPE MarketPlace opening with a greeting from our President, Scott Hazenbroek.
Contact us with any questions, or just to say hi! We will miss seeing you at the show, but we look forward to an outstanding IPPE 2022!
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White meat deboning

Our most significant new development of 2020 is the MAX 2.0 the newly re-designed machine brings an even higher level of efficiency and flexibility but still exhibits the small footprint it is known for.  The MAX 2.0 addresses challenges in breast deboning related to labor and product quality. MAX 2.0 Breast Deboner  Small Footprints, Big Results!

Dark meat deboning

The new OPTiX Thigh Deboner brings the same combination of durable mechanics and cutting-edge technology in automation, but now with a smaller footprint. The OPTiX Thigh Deboner uses an x-ray measuring system to precisely measure each leg, using this data the machine automatically adjusts for each leg in real-time at a speed of up to 14,400 legs per hour. The highest possible yields, now with a smaller footprint.

the intelligent whole leg deboner
The updated ULTiMATE, the first and only Intelligent Whole Leg Deboner on the market, has now increased flexibility with the Auto Transfer Loading (ATL) module.
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