Exceptional Yields.
No Bones About It.

Foodmate’s OPTI Line has been developed to solve problems commonly found in both manual and automated dark meat processing operations. Our machines optimize yields, improve quality and reduce labor cost while maintaining low cost of ownership. You achieve your goals, we achieve ours. Start to OPTImize your dark meat operation!

OPTI LTD Dark Meat Deboning System

Foodmate’s new OPTI-LTD Dark Meat Deboning System is a flexible, total dark meat deboning solution that produces high-yield, superior quality meat efficiently and cost effectively. Capable of deboning 100 skinless or skin-on anatomical whole legs, thighs and drumsticks per minute, this system is so flexible that no additional parts or changes are required when switching between the various dark meat deboned products.

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Automated J-Cutting Unit makes leg deboning even more profitable

One of the most important but also labor intensive processes to debone whole legs is to make the pre cut (J-cut) along the drum and thigh bone. Making a proper J-cut is a critical step to ensure good yields and high quality boneless leg meat that meets all boneless dark meat requirements. With the new automated J-cutting unit, all the issues with manual J-cutting are addressed making the investment in leg deboning automation even more justifiable and giving it an even fast return on investment.

Significant reduction in labor cost

Not only can the New J-Cutting station save up to 4-6 people per shift but it also addresses potentially costly health issues related to manual J-Cutting. It also eliminates ongoing and expensive training cost, particularly in plants that have high employee turn over.

Total flexibility

Because every application, situation and plant lay out is different Foodmate has developed both an integrated J-Cutting station that is part of the OPTI LTD Leg Deboner and a stand alone machine that can be integrated into a Foodmate Flex Cut Up System.

Technical Specifications

Machine dimensions metric:

OPTI Drum Deboner

  • 5,723 mm x 1,796 mm x 2,116 mm | 207” x 70.70” x 83.30”

OPTI Thigh Deboner

  • 5,723 mm x 1,666 mm x 2,116 mm | 207” x 65.60” x 83.30”


  • OPTI Drum Deboner: 2,100 kg / 4,630 lb (approx.)
  • OPTI Thigh Deboner: 1,700 kg / 3,748 lb (approx.)


  • 80-100 Whole Legs or Thighs or Drums per minute


  • Stainless steel 304 and FDA approved synthetics

Power connection

  • 1 main connection to control panel

Power supply

  • 380/480V – 50-60 Hz3Ph +0+ Earth (each machine)


  • Designed for optimal cleaning to meet hygienic standards

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