Maintenance & Service

The best way to extend the life of your poultry processing equipment is to periodically conduct a thorough cleaning and maintenance inspection. A preventative approach to your service and maintenance will optimize your operation, as well as increase yield.

Foodmate offers a preventative maintenance program, as well as emergency repair for your meat processing equipment. Our preventative maintenance program offers a detailed report with the technical condition of your equipment, followed by our recommendation on maintenance action steps to increase your equipment’s performance and yield.

Our 24/7 emergency support is backed by experienced service technicians, ready to resolve any unexpected issues directly with you. Our remote diagnostics service usually provides a solution to the issue; but in case it doesn’t, a service technician is immediately dispatched to the plant site.

The purchase of your Foodmate equipment will come with not only high end technology, but also with top quality installation and maintenance service. It is our goal to ensure that our clients achieve a fast and consistent return on their investment. We understand that by offering our customers increased plant uptime, optimized equipment efficiency and yield will result in increased total revenues. And we make that our commitment to you.

Spare Parts

Foodmate is dedicated to serving your spare part needs by maintaining a large inventory of original Foodmate parts, as well as other OEM parts. Our original Foodmate parts are manufactured using high-quality materials and developed with optimum chicken processing equipment performance in mind.

Service Agreement

Your poultry processing equipment is an investment. In order to give our customers the ability to maintain their investment, Foodmate developed a range of service contracts, which offer customers different value-added services – from parts only to complete assistance packages.

Foodmate Service Agreements are customized to address each customer’s specific needs. It provides a balance between maximizing profits for the plant and extending our customer loyalty and assurance. Our goal is to ensure your plant will have consistent uptime, as well as expense predictability and peace of mind. Those in charge of purchasing the equipment and contracts can feel confident that the overall experience will be positive, as maintenance issues will certainly be reduced.

Service contracts provide the following advantages:

  • Preventive maintenance program enhancement
  • Training for maintenance
  • Training for proper yield evaluation
  • Yield improvements
  • Quarterly safety compliance assurance
  • Consistent mechanical maintenance
  • Consistent return on investment

Available for the following machines:

  • OPTI Thigh Deboner
  • OPTI Drum Deboner

Training Program

Our Training Program starts with ensuring our service technicians are well prepared to handle internal updates, as well as customers’ installation and training. Foodmate is currently expanding its Training Center, which will have a full mode live operation demo room, specifically developed to better train our service technicians. We believe our service technician’s solid experience, coupled with ongoing training, will ensure our customers get the peace of mind they seek when considering our poultry processing products. Our technicians are up to speed with each upgrade or newly developed system. In turn, our Service team and Operations team collaborate in developing a Training Program catered to each customer’s specific needs. We will train your staff at a specific required level, warranting their high confidence and motivation levels. Our Training Program will ensure that your staff is prepared to effectively obtain the best performance and yields out of your machines. We understand that a smooth and skilled daily operation is essential to the overall success of your plant’s performance.

Both our Internal Training and customized Customer Training Program aim to achieve a significant impact on:

  • Higher yields
  • Improved safety
  • Motivated and involved staff
  • Higher quality of your end product
  • Optimized processes and plant uptime

You will find that our service technicians’ hands-on training approach will provide your employees with the information and training they need in order to allow your plant to operate at its highest level. Your staff will enjoy interacting with our team members who carry on with the down-to-earth attitude seen on all levels of our organization.

We make it simple. You make it profitable.