Mid Wing CutterThe Foodmate mid wing cutter is designed and developed to separate the mid wing piece (flapper/median) from the wing drummette, also known as the first joint piece. The machine cuts through the center joint of the chicken wings and can be used on chickens with or without the wingtips. The chickens are transported on shackles connected to a chain which is guided by rails. With the help of a bar, the chickens are lifted and pressed against the rails, which positions the wings in the correct angle and position. The wing centers are then cut by circular blades.

The horizontal distance between the knives can be easily adjusted with the spindle. The module height is set throughout and the height of the blades can be adjusted according to the size of
the chicken.


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Key Benefits

  • Allows for a maximum of 6,000 birds per hour

Technical Specifications

  • Stainless steel frame and motor
  • Motor power is 0,75 kW, 50 Hz
  • Power supply is 380/480 V 3phz 50/60 Hz
  • Length: 697 mm
  • Width: 951 mm
  • Height: 1351 mm