The NEW Thigh and Drumstick Cutter is a multi-purpose machine that can be used for both retail and food service applications. Specially designed to handle large size variations while ensuring the highest percentage of anatomical cuts. It has a simple construction design that contains no rebuild points, thus reducing the cost of ownership.  It provides an anatomic cut and depending on the type of cut, various configurations are possible. The electrical sync allows for more accurate cutting and the absence of a 90-degree gearbox lowers maintenance costs.

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Key Benefits

  • Straight anatomical cut
  • Accommodates a wide size range
  • Skin coverage suitable for tray packing
  • Can be by-passed
  • In line design (does not require 180-degree corner)
  • Lines speeds of 105 bpm at 12” center shackles and on 10” it is 125-130BPM
  • High yields on the drum, leaving kneecap intact to the thigh
  • Line run birds from 1.5 to 2.0 lbs. Range, giving up to 95% USDA “A” Grade Cuts
  • Designed provide a good cut in the fat line between drum and thigh.

Technical Specifications

  • Stainless steel frame and motor
  • Motor requirements: 1 x 0,75 Kw
  • Power supply: 380V/480V -50/60 Hz – 3 phase
  • Length: 1988 mm / 43”
  • Width: 846 mm/ 33.3”
  • Height: Approx.: 2900mm/114”
  • Weight: 300 kg / 661 lbs