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Turn-key cleaning systems for the Poultry Industry

Turn-key cleaning systems for the Poultry Industry – Foodmate US

Foodmate US is an exclusive agent for Numafa in North America.

The companies share the same innovative approach, backed by many years of proven experience and technology in the poultry industry. Numafa, the specialists in the manufacture of industrial chicken cleaning systems, has been a leading company in the sector for over 40 years. This partnership allows the companies to bring to the North and South American markets ‘stand alone’ units, as well as complete turn-key automated solutions to poultry processing facilities.

Foodmate | Numafa offers a wide range of poultry processing equipment and cleaning systems. The entire product line of chicken cleaning equipment carries a full understanding of the hygiene requirements in this industry and offers solutions that are in compliance with the latest hygiene regulations.

ECM Q-TL Eco Clean Master

The ECM Q-TL has been developed to clean 2,500 crates per hour | medium to heavy soiling

  • Cleans 500 to 2,500 crates and lids per hour
  • Suitable for washing both crates and lids
  • Lids are transported and washed on a separate track
  • Lids are vertically positioned and the spraying nozzles fully surround the lids
  • Crates are washed with the open side down, with the nozzles completely surrounding the crates