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Foodmate and its partner, ChickSort, have developed various production control, grading and distribution solutions that grade poultry products based on various weight and quality criteria. Innovative JITSort™ algorithm, exclusive to ChickSort, allows last millisecond decisions to be made, and failed selections can easily and automatically be re-routed to any downstream selection point. Automatic band widening allows the product specification to be relaxed if the required rate is not being reached. Advanced batch control may be filled simultaneously and may be controlled automatically, manually or interfaced with external hardware. Product can be distributed between drops or competing product requirements using user-selectable criteria. This poultry processing equipment includes fail-over features and redundant hardware support, facilitating advanced diagnostics while simultaneously minimizing disruption, ensuring that line sensor faults have no impact on production.

These advanced grading and weighing solutions are comprised of various technologies, such as the InVision Grading; In-Line Weighing or by incorporating the Foodmate WTS, Weigh Transfer System with ChickSort weighing controls. To optimize the grading and weighing process it is possible to install both an InVision Grading Solution in combination with one of the various other weighing solutions Foodmate offers.

Solutions Overview

Weighing Transfer System

Designed and manufactured by Foodmate in collaboration with ChickSort, the WTS-Weighing Transfer System boasts speeds in excess of 12000bph and performs weighing accuracy of ±10g. This new weighing transfer machine offers both speed and accuracy in a simple and compact solution. Fundamental to the design of this food processing equipment is a simple, but effective, transfer mechanism that is easy to set-up and maintain. In addition, the WTS uses a triple load cell weigh head arrangement, which maximizes the weighing time of each bird. Because the weighing heads are stationary, they can be mounted on a separate tower to avoid low-frequency vibration from the machine, adversely affecting the weighing. Compared to weighing transfer systems from other suppliers, this food service equipment maximizes the weighing “window” without over-complicating the design with revolving electronics, slip rings etc.

WTS Key Benefits

  • Easy set up
  • Weighing accuracy of ±10g
  • Simple and compact design
  • Speeds in excess of 12000 bph
  • Effective and reliable transfer mechanism
  • User-friendly – easy to maintain and operate
  • Automatic detection of weighing problems before they have a negative effect on production

InVISION Camera Grading System

The InVision Camera has been developed to take advantage of the latest camera technology and LED lighting. Utilizing multiple cameras, fronts and backs can be graded accurately based on the user’s definable parameters, which can be tuned to suit different flock profiles. The data collected is added to the bird weight captured at an in-line or transfer weigh station, and the birds are correctly distributed according to production requirements.

InVision Detection Parameters: 

  • Skin flaws/Barking
  • Single Leg Hang
  • Broken wings
  • Missing parts
  • Hock length
  • Hock burn
  • Bile Stain
  • Bruises
  • Feathers
  • Organs

The system can be set to recognize repeat downgrade conditions and trigger an alarm, this could be invaluable if a machine setting upstream is causing repeat damage. The InVision system can be configured to automatically produce a flock histogram after 100 birds, giving an early indication as to what weights and grades can be expected. The system retains images, and this data can be recovered and investigated if quality issues have arisen at a later date. The flock can be “re-run” offline and the downgrade parameters checked. This feature can also be used for quality personnel training purposes.

Foodmate | ChickSort user interface allows the same software to be used remotely by operators, managers and engineers. Software capabilities include:

  • Data export capabilities
  • Total production reporting
  • Histogram by release station
  • Extensive user-defined reporting
  • Customized reporting by selection criteria

The strength of Foodmate | ChickSort Production and Distribution Control Solutions is that processors can achieve a high level of control and information without having to buy a complete new packing room. Systems can be integrated with virtually any existing line equipment.

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