Exceptional Yields. No Bones About it.

Since the launching the OPTI Thigh Deboner in 2010, Foodmate has been on the cutting edge of the Dark Meat Deboning market bringing the latest technology, with the OPTI LTD Whole Leg Deboner, the newest OPTI Thigh Deboner with Kneecap Separator (KCS) and the Drum Deboner with an automated J-Cutter unit. Foodmate continues to provide solutions in Dark Meat Deboning, meeting the highest standards and specifications dictated by our clients’ demands.

OPTI LTD Dark Meat Deboning System

Foodmate’s new OPTI-LTD Dark Meat Deboning System is a flexible, total dark meat deboning solution that produces high-yield, superior quality meat efficiently and cost effectively. Capable of deboning 100 skinless or skin-on anatomical whole legs, thighs and drumsticks per minute, this system is so flexible that no additional parts or changes are required when switching between the various dark meat deboned chicken products.

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OPTI Thigh Deboner

Since the official introduction of the OPTI Thigh Deboner in 2011, Foodmate has successfully installed over 50 machines worldwide. With this chicken deboning machine, customers in the US, Canada, Korea, Australia, France, Poland, Turkey, Russia and several other countries are realizing significant yield improvements and labor savings, as well as seeing improved thigh meat quality and increased shelf life.

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FM 6.50 Thigh & Drumstick Deboner

The Foodmate 6.50 Chicken Thigh & Drumstick Deboner achieves maximum yield and flexibility. The machine can be loaded by one worker and has an automatic unloading device for the deboned thigh or drumstick meat and bones. Top design features are hygiene, compactness and flexibility for product flow.

Key Benefit

  • Easy to clean
  • Delivers high yields
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Reduces operating and maintenance costs
  • Machine uses a diaphragm for the chicken deboning process
  • Allows for a maximum of 55-60 thighs or drumsticks per minute
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Supporting Equipment

OPTI Leg Processor

FH Cross-Cut Halving Machine

DS 100 Chicken Deskinner

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