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Success Story

Hain Pure Protein

Hain Pure Protein needed a whole leg deboning solution, their major issue was the ongoing labor challenge, automation became a necessity.
Foodmate Equipment

One (1) ULTiMATE Whole Leg Deboner

Hain Pure Protein needed a whole leg deboning solution, their major issue was the ongoing labor challenge, automation became a necessity.
Hain Pure Protein was using a competitor’s whole leg deboning solution, running at 60 legs per minute and was taking 40 people to do run it. Their yields was in the low 50’s and they were sending about 120,000 lbs a week out to contract deboners to debone the legs. That was not an ideal scenario, their objective was to stop their deboning outsourcing by increasing their in-house deboning capacity without adding labor to it.
Foodmate invited Hain PP’s management team on multiple plants that were successfully operating the ULTIMATE. In addition, Hain PP team’s came to Foodmate’s Inspirience Center, our in-house demonstration and testing facility, in Ball Ground, GA, where performance tests took place. Tests were performed using the company’s own product, which was important for them. Their goal was to have tests meeting these three criteria: high meat quality, higher meat yields and minimal trimming. All three were exceeded.
Solution & Results

It was Foodmate’s goal to ensure that the transition from Hain’s previous machine was a smooth one. Special attention was given to ensure installation was successful and downtime was minimal. 

“Foodmate did a good job providing access to the machine prior to the sale, both in a real plant environment and controlled R&D. The Project Manager, Mark Salley, communicated well with our staff and did a site visit well prior to the install. By the install date, we were all on the same page and understood expectations and requirements on both sides.”, stated Lee Lebbon, Hain PP Director of Operation.

The ULTIMATE is allowing Hain to run twice the volume they were on their previous whole leg deboner, and using half of previously required labor. Hain PP met their production goals within two weeks from install. In addition, the company reduced the amount of whole legs sent out by over 75%.

The combination of x-ray technology and shackle height adjustment allows the blades to cut precisely around the kneecap and the knee joint, ensuring high yield and cartilage free meat.
The meat is efficiently scraped from the bone to ensure maximum yield and high quality leg meat; keeping labor to a minimum.
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