The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.

Foodmate Unveils Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Solution for the Poultry Industry

Foodmate Unveils Duravant ONSIGHT™️, Revolutionizing Poultry Processing with IIoT Innovation

Numansdorp, The Netherlands (October 02, 2023) – Foodmate, a global automation solutions provider to the poultry processing industry and a member of the Duravant family of Operating Companies, is proud to announce the launch of Duravant ONSIGHT™️, a cutting-edge Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) service that sets a new standard for poultry processing efficiency and control.

Duravant ONSIGHT™️ improves processing operations by gathering critical data and centralizing production line performance information in real-time. It provides immediate access to critical indicators, instant alerts, comprehensive reports, and advanced machine learning algorithms that empower operators to proactively address challenges before they materialize. See video.

Duravant ONSIGHT™️ seamlessly integrates with Foodmate equipment in new or existing processing lines, ushering in a new era of highly intelligent and streamlined poultry production. The machine monitoring feature provides real-time tracking of key indicators for Foodmate dark and white meat deboners, including the OPTiX, Ultimate, MAX series, and Cut-up Systems.

According to Justin Lister, Foodmate’s Product Manager for Digital Intelligence, “Our Maintenance Insights feature a unified platform for managing equipment service such as preventive maintenance planning, maintenance ticket management, remote support, and status tracking.”

Operators receive real-time reports on product quality and machine performance with instant alerts in case of issues or safety concerns.

“The extensive data offered by Foodmate products, coupled with the capabilities of our IIoT solution, Duravant ONSIGHT™️, empowers operators to calculate advanced metrics such as service level availability, production counts and rates, and operational equipment effectiveness, all in real-time. This heightened situational awareness equips operators to proactively address issues before they occur,” added Clint Quanstrom, Duravant IIoT Lead.

Duravant ONSIGHT™ is an end-to-end solution that creates an encrypted link between intelligent Foodmate machines and a secure cloud environment. The system is designed to be integrated within existing enterprise IIoT systems or as an independent IIoT platform and is available with select new Foodmate systems.


About Foodmate

Foodmate is a leading global poultry processing equipment solutions provider and partner to the world’s most trusted poultry processing companies. Foodmate brings innovative technology and cost-effective solutions to poultry processing automation. Our machines optimize yields, improve quality, and reduce labor costs while offering a low cost of ownership. Foodmate maintains a commitment to being the industry’s go-to partner for poultry processing equipment. Our systems are designed to be simple to use, deliver the highest efficiency, and help our customers achieve the highest yields. Visit

About Duravant 

Headquartered in Downers Grove, IL, Duravant is a global engineered equipment company with manufacturing, sales, and service facilities throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Through its portfolio of operating companies, Duravant delivers trusted end-to-end process solutions for customers and partners through engineering and integration expertise, project management, and operational excellence. With worldwide sales distribution and service networks, they provide immediate and lifetime aftermarket support to all the markets they serve in the food processing, packaging, and material handling sectors. Duravant’s market-leading brands are synonymous with innovation, durability, and reliability. For more information, visit

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