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Reduce Labor Costs, Reduce Overhead

In previous posts, we have talked about tips to improve your poultry processing facility’s efficiency. Many of these tips originate with workers and management processes. However, what if you didn’t have to worry about human error and inefficiencies?

The assembly line was first put into use by Ford on December 1, 1913. This cut the time it took to produce a car from over twelve hours down to two and a half hours. While the assembly line then still relied heavily on human power, today the landscape has changed for many industries, and meat processing has made incredible advances in the last ten years. The poultry processing equipment by Foodmate is mostly an automated process that reduces human error and reduces payroll expenses. While it is important to still have excellent employees to monitor the machines, load the machines, and clean the facility, much of the work is fully automated.

Foodmate poultry processing equipment is truly reliable, durable, and high-quality equipment to produce Grade A chicken cuts. What’s more, they provide any poultry processing operation with the ability to reduce overhead and payroll while still providing the quality product required by this industry. We all know the bottom line is important in order to keep a business going. This means making the most of your equipment investments, placing employees where they are needed most, and making sure that your output is exceptional. Foodmate allows you to do all this, increasing profit margins without sacrificing a quality product.

Foodmate offers not only the best in poultry processing equipment when you’re looking to improve efficiency and increase profit margins – it also offers the best service team to support your investment. Browse our products online and contact us for further information on how our poultry processing equipment and services can help you increase profitability and efficiency.  

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