Now existing and new customers can achieve an even faster return on investment with the recently developed Kneecap Separator (KCS) for the Foodmate OPTI Thigh Deboner. Foodmate developed the KCS add-on module in order to provide a solution to address staffing issues with the trimming of cartilage that stays on the meat after deboning. Due to an increasingly tight labor market, it is becoming more and more difficult to staff the trim tables and control the performance of each individual trimmer.


Integrated Deskinner
Eliminates bone shattering
High yields when operated correctly
Requires only 15 blades for kneecap separator
Simple and accessible design to maintain equipment
Optional kneecap separator to help minimize trimming
Provides hand cut meat appearance with oyster attached


Optimal Yields. Delivered. Worldwide! 100 thighs per minute

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Key Benefit

  • Improves yield
  • Allows for easy loading and operating
  • Eliminates bone shattering or fragmenting
  • Provides hand-cut meat appearance
  • Reduces trimming and inspection time
  • Increases output per person
  • Reduces labor with the all mechanical design
  • Reduces operating and maintenance costs

Technical Specifications

• Capacity: 80-100 thighs per minute

• Construction: Stainless steel 304 and FDA approved synthetics

• Power consumption: 2,85 kW (Incl. deskinner) 3,40 kW)

• One main connection to control panel

• Cleaning: Designed for optimal cleaning to meet hygienic standards.

Machine Dimensions

– Length: 5700 mm

– Width: 1800 mm

– Height: 2145 mm

– Weight: approx. 2145 kg