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There are many factors that are involved in the success of a poultry processing facility. While external factors can affect your production – such as avian flu, contamination, etc. – those are to a certain extent out of your control. On the other hand, there are internal factors that can affect your profit such as high overhead or perhaps inconsistency in meat quality and grading standards for your product, and with these we can help you with! Utilizing the most efficient poultry equipment on the market from Foodmate US is one way to meet you demand and increase your profit because the most efficient poultry processing equipment also comes with the best software.

Accurate Weight Measurement

Not having an accurate weight on each bird can lead to bigger complications during the cutting and processing phases. Foodmate US, in conjunction with ChickSort, created a weighing transfer system that utilizes a simple mechanism in order to get measurements of each chicken within ±10g. Along with excellent accuracy, this system works at incredibly high speeds of over 12000bph. This means that you can process more and do so knowing that your system is going to be giving you accurate weights.

Accurate Tracking

Running any business can be challenging but maintaining accurate reports in a high-volume industry is a true challenge. ChickSort software allows anyone who needs to run specific reports to have access to data export capabilities, production reporting, and custom reporting functions that will better provide you with the tools to understand how your business is functioning. These reports can be beneficial to inform you of any slumps in production or quality that affect your bottom line.

Foodmate US provides not only the best poultry processing equipment but optimal software to go with it, helping you run your business in the most efficient and accurate way. We might be the bigger poultry processing company out there, but it is our goal to be the best poultry processing equipment in the industry! 

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