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Expect excellence.

When you look at companies for your meat processing equipment spare parts or maintenance needs, look to Foodmate US for our quality, training, and easy access to original parts for your convenience.
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Quality, Speed and Excellence

Why Foodmate Parts?

Foodmate is dedicated to serving your spare parts needs by maintaining a large inventory of original Foodmate parts. Our original Foodmate parts are manufactured using high-quality materials and developed with optimum poultry processing equipment performance in mind.

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Expect Quality

When you purchase Foodmate original parts to replace your parts that have reached the end of their lifespan, you’re guaranteeing that you receive a quality part. Our parts have been designed and tested to meet very specific standards for any particular module. Off-brand parts do not always go through the same level of thorough testing that our parts do, leaving them more vulnerable to failure.

Reduce Downtime

If a part on your poultry processing equipment breaks, that means time that you aren’t processing, which in turn means you’re losing money. Having access to a supplier that utilizes and keeps original parts in stock equals a faster turnaround with less down time. Our large inventory of original parts in stock means you don’t have to wait to track down a part and have it shipped.

Excellence in Customer Service

We understand how important it is to keep your equipment up and running. We are there for you, and make sure that your equipment part is supplied on time. We work together as team to ensure your day to day operation is trouble free.

Innovative solutions FOR poultry processing

Maintenance & Service

The best way to extend the life of your poultry processing equipment is to periodically conduct a thorough cleaning and maintenance inspection. A preventative approach to your service and maintenance will optimize your operation, as well as increase yield.

Foodmate offers a preventative maintenance program, as well as emergency repair for your meat processing equipment. Our preventative maintenance program offers a detailed report with the technical condition of your equipment, followed by our recommendation on maintenance action steps to increase your equipment’s performance and yield.

Foodmate Maintenance Services

24/7 Emergency Support

Backed by experienced service technicians.

Our 24/7 emergency support is backed by experienced service technicians, ready to resolve any unexpected issues directly with you. Our remote diagnostics service usually provides a solution to the issue; but in case it doesn’t, a service technician is immediately dispatched to the plant site.

The purchase of your Foodmate equipment will come with not only high end technology, but also with top quality installation and maintenance service. It is our goal to ensure that our clients achieve a fast and consistent return on their investment. We understand that by offering our customers increased plant uptime, optimized equipment efficiency and yield will result in increased total revenues. And we make that our commitment to you.

Quality, Speed and Excellence

AIP: Asset Integrity Program

The AIP is a dedicated program which ensures equipment is kept in its best operating condition. By taking advantage of this program, a plant will ultimately see improvement in production, quality, and more consistent yield.

How does AIP work?

A Foodmate Customer Asset Manager (CAM) schedules regular monthly visits to ensure plants have less downtime and increased performance. Also, regular monitoring and equipment adjustments reduce risk for potential significant issues. The CAM also recognizes and makes necessary recommendations for additional parts to be replaced before failure. Foodmate AIP is an added value program that will provide you with consistent optimum equipment operation and increased levels of your team’s performance.


  • Continuous and iterative training
  • Predetermined schedule for all visits
  • All labor necessary for rebuilds is provided
  • Operational excellence in yield, throughput and quality
  • Monthly visits by a dedicated Customer Asset Manager (CAM)
  • All rebuild kits are maintained and stocked at Foodmate until prior to the scheduled rebuild
Foodmate Asset Integrity Program

Let us “ontzorg” you!

This is how we describe our AIP program

“Ontzorgen” is the Dutch term we use to describe our AIP program. So, what does Ontzorgen mean? Quite literally it means “ to Unburden”. The ability to “unburden” the plant and protect your investment is our goal. Discover the benefits of “unburdening” your plant with Foodmate AIP!
Benefits of The Foodmate AIP Program

Customer Experiences with AIP

Customers have seen much improvement since the inception of this program.

One Foodmate customer specifically experienced the benefits of the Foodmate AIP where the program brought an 8.0% yield gain. As part of the AIP contract, during the follow up visit a month after re-build, the CAM discovered that the maintenance and operations departments had been able to retain the knowledge gained from the re-build review and apply it to the daily operation of the equipment. They have successfully maintained the same yield percentages.

What is 8% worth? Let’s apply this data on an OPTI Thigh Deboner, for example:

Average thigh weight Yield Dark meat price/lb. Scrape test difference
before/after rebuild
Additional meat Additional meat/week Additional meat/year
226 gm. 71% $.60 8% 12.8 gm. 13,500 Lbs. or $8,100 702,000 Lbs. or $421,000


Our service technicians work with you to ensure highest yields and uptime. There is a reason why we are rated the best in the industry.
We want it that way!

Benefits of The Foodmate AIP Program

Foodmate AIP Features

Foodmate has redefined the traditional Service Contract as the Asset Integrity Program

Feature Traditional Service Contract Foodmate AIP Program
Labor Labor provided for supervision of rebuilds only Labor provided to complete all rebuilds
Monthly visits between rebuilds Not available Dedicated Customer Asset Manager (CAM) - makes monthly visits between rebuilds
Parts Complex parts schemes based on outdated models Simple rebuild schemes with the intent that the plant can take ownership of process
Performance Generally not available Foodmate documents and shares the increased perfor- mance from all rebuilds and CAM visits
Continuous training Usually at an extra charge Every opportunity the CAM visits (monthly) is a training opportunity for operators and maintenance.
Spare Parts monitoring Generally not part of contract The CAM will review spare parts in stock and advise facility
Rebuild Kits Sent to plant ahead of time Stocked at Foodmate US to ensure parts are not pulled by plant for other purposes
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